Keep on dialogueing

Today is our last meeting in the course on postmodernism. I brought my laptop, so I can blog live during class…

We are talking about dialogue today.

The class started with a presentation of our teacher. She told us that we, in western society, pay little attention to listening. The Chinese character for listening is build up from different characters that together explain listening. You can see it in de picture. Special, isn’t it? However, our Taiwanese student told us that not all the Chinese character can be split, which is really western approach to explain a word. The meaning of a single Chinese character changes according to the context. The way in which a Chinese character is explain should be put into content rather than deconstructing the character.

Furthermore, language is just more than words and talking. It is always body language, using artefacts, non-verbal communication. Just as Escher paints: the one shape shapes the other.

This style of performance wants to get behind words. It has action and it gets away from this something that we talk about ‘something or someone’. Dialogue is a special talk or conversation.

Dialogue = through the world.
Dialogue is very special because it is not about winning or losing a debate, but practising respect and candour, about suspending your own assumptions, about connecting and grounding and about deep, care-full listening. But is doesn’t have to be in words, it can also be in music such as in jazz improvisation.


We are unaware of the assumptions that we have when we talk. So, it is important to be aware of these assumptions if we want to have a real conversation and create an arena for collective learning. I think that being aware of your assumptions is nessecary for having a real dialogue is one of the mainpoints that I am going to take with me from this course. And also the discussion we had about the power you have as a researcher is something I think I will take into account more than I did before when doing research. It is something I keep thinking about; what power do I have and which stories am I going to tell?

So, let’s keep dialogueing….!


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