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On the historical turning point of postmodern times

There was a good question posted by Tom about my blog on reflexivity. Because there was no quick and easy way for me to answer it, I figured I would devote a new blog on answering the question posed: which … Continue reading

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Research community as Granfalloon

I’m still surprised by some of the implications that stem from a postmodern approach to inquiry. To my shame I must admit that I did not read all the articles for class today, shame on me. So we had this … Continue reading

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Have you ever had one of those days where you were wondering what life is all about, what your life is all about? I have. I call it my reflexive mode. As you might know, reflection reports are a big … Continue reading

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You ever have that itching feeling that when someone says that the right of free speech means you can say anything? You feel that there is something wrong with this statement. Well, I have figured out why. The problem is … Continue reading

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