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Learning History

What is a Learning History about? Learning history is one type of participatory action research. Learning history methodology (Parent & Béliveau 2007, p.73) addresses the recognition of what has been learned in the past, and creates a platform for participants … Continue reading

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Co-operative Inquiry

In my previous post, I mentioned the methods, co-operative inquiry and learning history. In this post I will tell you more about what co-operative inquiry is and how it works. What is co-operative inquiry about? Reason (2002, p.1) introduced co-operative inquiry … Continue reading

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Action Research

This week the theme of my course is action research. It is quite interesting to think about what kind of role action plays in postmodern inquiries. What is exactly meant by ‘Action Research? In Reason & Bradbury’s (2001, p.2) article, the authors … Continue reading

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