Who Am I

I’m Robin, a 22 year old student from The Netherlands. After completing my Bachelor in Public Administration last year, I’m now doing the Master’s programme Research in Public Administration and Organizational Science at Utrecht University. This programme is especially aimed at teaching students how to become researcher. As I’m thinking about pursuing a scientific career and this programme seemed very challenging, I though it would be the perfect Master for me.

These expectations have come true in the first few months of the programme with a lot of interesting courses and class discussions. This April I started with a new course on a topic that I had not yet learned a lot about: postmodernism.  Of course I knew the term postmodernism and I knew that not all scholars really appreciate the work done by postmodern scholars, but I did not know what it really includes and what it means to do research from a postmodern perspective.

I had already heard from students who had taken this course before that it was going to be quite an experience. In a moment of creative energy, I decided it would be a great idea to write a blog during the course, in order to share my learning experience with the rest of the world. In my blogs you can read about the things I did, the lessons I learned and the doubts the course raised. Feel free to comment as I would like to discuss about postmodernism with you!