Performance 4

Article: van der Haar, D. & Hosking, D.M. Evaluating Appreciative Inquiry: a relational constructionist perspective. Human Relations, vol. 57 nr. 8, p. 1071-1036. (2004).

Form: Discussion on propositions
We prepared three propositions with regard to appreciative inquiry and responsive evaluation, and will use those propositions for a discussion. The propositions are:

1. By doing an appreciative inquiry and focusing on the positive aspects in an organization, some problems might not be addressed and still continue.

2. Appreciative inquiry disregards the relations with the broader environment of the organization.

3. By the process of responsive evaluation, the evaluator creates room for sustainable change instead of delivering merely an evaluation product.

Instead of conducting an appreciative inquiry, which might be overlapping with and repeating aspects of our last performance on the learning history, we want to use propositions to discuss how appreciative inquiry could be seen from a relational constructionist perspective; what is the idea of appreciative inquiry and responsive evaluation, and how are they different from other methods. To start of we will show this movie about the bright site of life :).

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