Performance 2

Article: Boje, D. (1995). Stories of the storytelling organization: A postmodern analysis of Disney as ‘Tamara-Land.’ Academy of Management Journal, 38, 997-1035.

Form: Video and story telling.
The video consists of different images of the characters in the story ‘Snow White.’ Participants were asked to tell a story based on the video they watched.

The intention of making and using the video is to duplicate ‘Tamara’ in the classroom. The video presents multiple narratives of ‘Snow White’ challenging the participants’ perception on the original story. Just as people going to ‘Tamara’ come back with a different story because of the different rooms, floors and story lines, we think the different images in the movie should also result in different by our fellow students constructed stories.

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5 Responses to Performance 2

  1. yes…great… but what does this have to do with PomoRC & approaches to inquiry?

    • Robin says:

      Hi Dian Marie,

      Maybe you should look at the Polyvocality blog. It explains a bit more about this and might help you understand the relation we try to make between the performance and postmodern relational constructionism.

  2. Ruud says:

    Oh is there one story? I thought that there were more than just one story. Or well, that every story you make is true because that is what you see. Robin, can you explain something more?

  3. Karen says:

    Wauw, what an awesome movie! But what is the storie behind it? Because it seems that there is more than one story? Or well at least, I don’t know what the true story is!

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