Performance 1

Article: Ceglowski, D. (2002) Research as relationship. Ch 1 in The Qualitative Inquiry Reader. Denzin, N.K. & Lincoln, Y. S. (eds). Sage.

Form: 3 short acts of role play.
The acts were about a male manager firing a female employee. While we were acting, the other students were observers. Before the performance, they were given some background with regard to their fictional character which meant that they were not only just a researcher (e.g. a researcher who has been fired herself in the past). Participants were asked to take notes on how they felt during the performance (linking this feeling to their role), and when, how and for what reason they would have intervened if they were really researching.

The aim of this performance is to create a reallife situation in which participants can experience contradictions and struggles that come to the fore when they as researcher face a situation that is difficult because of their different relations. Moreover, it should als make people aware of the power a researcher could have with the possibility of intervention.

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