Welcome to Robins view on Postmodernism!

This is my blog about what I do, what I think, and how I feel about the Postmodernism course. Following is the introduction and a map of this blog, just in case you might get lost 😛

Who Am I
Introducing who I am, the story about me 🙂

I’ve ordered my blogs about my view on postmodernism in four categories. If you want to read about a specific topic, click on one of the themes.
Relations & Language
Polyvocality & Local Realities
Action Research

The performances that our group has performed in class. It will give you some info about what we did to discuss some of the articles. I also included some of my own reflections on them.

Want to Read More?
Here you can find the literature that I refer to in my posts, and also some recommendations for further readings or interesting websites and video’s.

Additional websites that is relevant to my postmodern course, and some interesting websites that I think is interesting for you to take a look.

Some video clips that I mentioned in my blog and some recommendations.


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